Business Code of Practice

The Celestra Code of Conduct establishes ethical standards of behavior for our employees and members of the board of directors. The Code of Conduct is based on the concepts of integrity, respect, fairness and diversity, as well as the laws and regulations that affect our business. All Celestra employees are asked to review the Code of Conduct and acknowledge that they understand it and that they must comply with it.

Every Celestra director, officer, and employee is responsible for:

  • Abiding by Celestra Code, policies and procedures.
  • Requesting advice from your upper management, the Law Affairs Specialist, or web tool when an ethical issue arises.
  • Promptly to report any known violations or requests that might constitutes violations of the Code, applicable laws and regulations, and Celestra policies and procedures or suspected challenging any business practice or behavior that may undermine the principles in this Code and the integrity of Celestra, using the procedures set forth in this Code.
  • Cooperating in internal investigations about a reported violation.

Managers have additional responsibilities to:
Create an atmosphere that promotes ethical behavior and encourages employees to ask questions and raise concerns.
Make sure that employees are aware of the principles contained in the Code.
Answer employees' questions about the Code or direct them to an appropriate source for information.Demonstrate a commitment to the Code through their words and actions.
Use reasonable care to prevent and detect violations of the Code.
Report any compliance risks or Code violations and promptly seek guidance on how to implement appropriate remedial measures.
Handle all employee reports promptly, confidentially, and in a manner consistent with Company policy.