Integrity and Diversity

Workforce Diversity is the bridge between the workplace and the marketplace, and as such, victory with the customer begins with winning in the workplace.

At Celestra, diversity isn’t just about gender, age, ethnicity or cultural background. It's a way of thinking differently and making sure we are getting the best ideas, effort and performance from all of our people. When we talk about diversity at Celestra, we're talking about building an inclusive environment that allows us to leverage the contributions of all of our people as we strengthen our competitiveness in the global marketplace. A wealth of innovative ideas arises from a diverse workforce -- ideas that ultimately transform into action and success for our customers and employees.

Celestra's commitment to diversity is a business priority that starts right at the top with President and CEO James Cox Business leaders understand that a diverse workforce is a critical element of their business success, and that they will be accountable for goals and objectives that will help build a more inclusive and diverse environment. Diversity is about tapping into the power and strengths of the global community of Celestra employees and suppliers, living and working around this world.