Responsible Behaviors

Celestra is committed to ethical business conduct. As a company, we understand that only by upholding the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity can we achieve and sustain long-term business excellence. For this reason, integrity is a core value for Celestra from its inception.

We are giving a new impetus to acting ethically and being socially responsible in everything we do. During 2009, this commitment was strongly reaffirmed through a series of initiatives, including deployment of a updated Code of Conduct and an acknowledgement program to ensure that every employee has read and understood its terms. Part of the broad Celestra engagement to act as a good corporate citizen, the Code of Conduct spells out the high-level values and behaviors that characterize how our people conduct themselves with one another and with all stakeholders, from customers and suppliers to business partners and even competitors.

Considerably shorter and more concise than previous versions, the revised Code of Conduct published in 2009 makes it easier for all Celestra people to understand the principles that must guide all of their business practices, every day of the year, every place they do business. End 2009, 92% of employees had completed review of Celestra Code of Conduct.