Quality Control

Celestra's core values include the unwavering belief and commitment that quality is in every aspect of our business, and that customers are the driving force behind everything we do. Delivering our products and services with quality is an integral part of how Celestra continues to enhance level of our customer satisfication.

Quality is a fundamental element of the Celestra brand. Unquestionably, Celestra's quality policy applies not just to our products but also to our processes, services, and our work environment.

With our laser-like focus on quality, we continuously prioritize our actions, balancing all the needs of our customers - including timeliness, value, feature-richness, and reliability. We foster long-term relationships with our customers, understanding their business thoroughly and earning their trust. Above all, we are driven to continuously improve - never satisfied with "good enough."


Customer Satisfaction Management is a formal Celestra process that enables us to measure how we deliver on our customers' needs and requirements, ensuring a better understanding of the customer's experience at every point in the relationship.

Twice each year we ask our global customers, via internet, phone, and mail, to complete a survey related to how they feel we are performing against a wide range of customer satisfaction indicators. The rich data captured from these surveys is used to highlight areas where we need to focus more attention, and drive our commitment to continuous improvement. In addition, every customer comment is reviewed by our customer facing account primes and operations leaders.

These customer satisfaction surveys are a key component of our ISO9000-based Quality Management System, which uses a metrics-based approach to achieving continuous improvement in everything we do. Customer feedback about our performance, in areas such as Sales, Products, Service and Support, enables us to bring even greater value to all of our customers. Regular reports summarizing performance ratings and other attributes are prepared and communicated throughout the corporation, providing organizational alignment and process improvement opportunities.

We use this ongoing dialogue with our customers, managed by Celestra's Customer Satisfaction Specialist, as an important source of information to establish priorities and new initiatives. For example, to help our customers capitalize on the huge potential of network transformation, Celestra has significantly enhanced our end-to-end capabilities in designing, introducing, deploying, and servicing today's increasingly complex electrical connection solutions. This involves improving many of our global processes, expanding our Services business, and implementing an advanced infrastructure that provides the foundation for transforming our business.