Manufacturing Service

Utilizing Just In Time, Ship 2 Dock, and Ship 2 Line programs, continuous flow manufacturing, demand flow processes, and statistical process controls, Celestra provides a set of comprehensive manufacturing services, from metal extrusion, tube processing, cutoff, forming, punching, and plating, to industry specifications or customized configuration. We bring you advanced Lean manufacturing solutions with expertise across diverse. You focus on your core business. Celestra focus on reducing your costs while remaining product quality, on-time delivery service and support, speeding your products to market and helping you get more competitive edge.

Celestra manufacturing and assembly services benefit from inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities, which contribute to cost reductions and reduce total cycle time. Through our MRP system, Celestra enjoys real-time visibility on material availability and real-time tracking of work in process. Celestra utilizes electronic data interchange with customers and suppliers to implement a variety of supply chain management programs. EDI system allows customers to share demand and product forecasts and deliver purchase orders while also assisting suppliers with just-in-time delivery and supplier-managed inventory.