Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance As part of the company’s renewed, systematic enforcement of its ethical approach in 2010, senior management established a zero tolerance policy related to overall compliance issues, insisting upon 100 percent integrity in all business practices.

The company expects all employees to comply with applicable legal and company requirements; all identified compliance violations are addressed swiftly, consistently and fairly.  With a reinforced focus on zero tolerance, the company decided to phase out the use of agents and consultants to reduce risks of corruption. Now, sales specialists have begun developing new ways of going to market in places where the agent/consultant channel has been used in the past. In addition to reducing risk, the move also helps Celestra nurture closer customer relationships by eliminating middlemen.  All business partners, including suppliers and contractors, are selected based on merit, reputation and their ability to help us achieve its business objectives. All must abide by ethical standards and business practices. In addition to such criteria as price, quality and delivery capability, suppliers and contractors are chosen according to their reputation for service, integrity and social responsibility.